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iParent website - keep your daughters safe

Following our parent meeting on cybersafety I would like all parents to be aware of the iParent website. This website from the e-safety Commissioner has a great deal of information re keeping your daughters safe when they are... Read more

Link between physical activity and academic success

A growing body of evidence-based research suggests that regular exercise and physical activity significantly improves children and young people's cognitive abilities and academic performance, in addition to the immediate and... Read more

holiday program

Holiday Activities

My Name is Yash, I've recently just started working Auburn Youth Centre, as a Youth Worker. I've previously worked with Macarthur Girls under my AFL hat with the Auburn Giants Women's AFL. AYC are running FREE holiday programs... Read more

Macarthur Girls High School’s purpose is to encourage young women to achieve their personal best and beyond, empowering them with the necessary skills to be successful citizens in an ever changing world.