Welcome to the Macarthur Girls High School website!

My name is Ms Cluff and I feel extremely privileged to be the Principal of this highly regarded school.

MGHS has a team of educators that consistently provide our students with a wide range of whole school and in class learning experiences in a supportive environment that enables our students to achieve to their best.

Our school has a relentless focus on teaching and learning and the experienced staff has an excellent knowledge of content. So one could say ………….What matters most at MGHS is …….what happens in our learning spaces. That means; ……..Not only what is taught but how it is taught, ……….. as research tells us this combination will provide students with the knowledge, capabilities, skills and values to become productive members of a rapidly changing society.

Our school has a very positive culture. MGHS's purpose is to encourage young women to achieve their personal best and beyond, empowering them with the necessary skills to be successful citizens in an ever changing world. This purpose is embodied in our school motto – Vis Viva – the living force and forms the basis of our school culture.

All decisions made at the school are based on our pride values. The students show pride in themselves, pride in our achievements and pride in our school, including its traditions and environment.

This acronym PRIDE stands for

P – participation: taking an active role in the school and in the community

R – respect: respecting ourselves, treating others and our environment with thoughtfulness and consideration

I – Integrity: consistently being honest, trustworthy and reliable

D – diversity: accepting and treating others with respect regardless of differences,  celebrating the diversity of our multicultural school

E – excellence. striving to achieve our best – having high expectations of ourselves and others. Making sure that our work and behaviour are of the highest quality and reflect our potential.

The culture of our school is underpinned by this simple yet highly effective values system.

During recent years, the school has implemented significant programs and initiatives.

As Parramatta grows to become the new CBD of Sydney, Macarthur Girls High School is well placed to manage changes arising from Parramatta's new status. The school has been at the forefront of future focused learning for a number of years. It is prepared for changes in teaching methodology and learning spaces required to meet the future skills and capabilities identified for employment. Macarthur Girls High School has been recognised state wide as an exemplar in innovative curriculum design and implementation, collaborative learning spaces, an integrated curriculum and initiatives in literacy, numeracy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). In particular, the school was named as a School of the Future in 2017 by the Department of Education. The school has provided professional learning and support to other schools and educators across the state in relation to the above initiatives and projects. 

At MGHS, we believe that students will achieve to their potential when parents, staff and students work together and support each other to create the best learning environments possible.

I commend our website to you. I hope it provides you with detailed information about our school and also provides an insight into what makes the learning community at MGHS so unique and why our students enjoy ……being a Macarthur girl.